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Smartcon provides you everything you need to organize and host world-class academic or professional conferences without losing sleep!

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Online Registration

Participants can register for your conference online with ease

Conference Payments (online and offline)

Receive payments for registrations online, or via bank and confirm manually. Every participant gets automated receipts.

Abstract Submissions & Approvals

A seamless portal for submission, review and approval of abstracts and conference presentations

Easy Communication (emails & SMS)

Send emails and SMS to participants directly from your conference dashboard, individually or in bulk

Hotel & Lodging

Add hotels at your own prices and let participants book and pay while registering, or even after

Pre-Conference Workshops

Add pre-conference workshops and keep track of those who register for them separately

Nametag generation & printing

When it's time for your conference, with the click of a button we generate all the name tags for you to send to your printer

Multi-user role management

Assign specific roles to different people on the conference planning team

Arrivals & User check-in

No user should spend 30 seconds at arrival trying to authenticate their registration or payment. Do it all at the click of a button

Reports & User Audit Trail

An intelligent dashboard that gives you all the vital information about your conference, and an audit trail of what every administrator did

Benefits of SmartCon

Improves your efficiency

Saves time

Reduces stress

Makes you professional

Eliminates errors

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Cost Estimates for SmartCon

# Item/Module Description Cost
  • Conference Website Development
  • Customizing the SmartCon Application
  • Single-use software license (includes all the features of the software for one conference)
  • Deploying online
  • Payment gateway setup
  • One-year technical support
  • If your conference doesn't need all the features, we can send you a special quote.

Setup of the SMS account is free, but we will need to purchase SMS units at N3.00 per unit.

Depending on the expected number of participants, we estimate 10 units to be used per participant for the duration of the conference. Planning with 1,000 participants

10,000 units x N3.00


If you need members of our team to be physically present at your conference to provide technical support.



Estimated with two years hosting


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